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Syllabi Templates

Language, Philosophy, and Culture Component Area

Philosophy 1305 Core Syllabi.docx
Philosophy 1320 Core Syllabi.docx

(Updated 7/6/2020) All Syllabi should include the following statement:  

"Civility in the classroom is very important for the educational process and it is everyone’s responsibility.  If you have questions about appropriate behavior in a particular class, please address them with your instructor first.  Disciplinary procedures may be implemented for refusing to follow an instructor’s directive, refusing to leave the classroom, not following the university’s requirement to wear a cloth face covering, not complying with social distancing or sneeze and cough etiquette, and refusing to implement other health and safety measures as required by the university. Additionally, the instructor, in consultation with the department chair/school director, may refer the student to the Dean of Students Office for further disciplinary review.  Such reviews may result in consequences ranging from warnings to sanctions from the university. For more information regarding conduct in the classroom, please review the following policies at Section 03: Courteous and Civil Learning Environment, and number II, Responsibilities of Students, Section 02.02: Conduct Prohibited"